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Day of Defeat
All throughout college I had been doing level design in my free team. I had worked on levels for Counter-Strike and various other Half-Life mods until the release of Day of Defeat. Day of Defeat was so much fun that I had to make a level, or two, for it. I released a few levels for it but it was not until I began work on dod_zalec that I was informed by some of the Day of Defeat team that there was a possibility of having my level in a future release.

I worked hard on that level and participated in almost daily playtests with other members of the team. We wrapped up in January 2003 and most of the team met up at E3 later that year to celebrate our release.
Late in World War II, Allied forces land on the outskirts of the small Yugoslavian town of Zalec. The Allied mission is to disrupt the buildup of Axis Tanks and free the people from German occupation.
dod_zalec dod_zalec dod_zalec dod_zalec
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